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Thread: Can I still lose fat & weight if I cheat on ice cream (~1 cup) once a week? page

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    Can I still lose fat & weight if I cheat on ice cream (~1 cup) once a week?

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    I'm really good during the week, no cheats. Then I hit Saturday and I'm dying for ice cream. Can I still lose fat? Trying to lose ~25 lbs.


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    Sure. Just get super-expensive, high quality ice cream with only the best ingredients. There are worse indulgences certainly.

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    You could try the one ingredient banana ice cream. I often have it when I have a craving for ice cream. I usually add a bit of cinnamon to it as well.

    How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient! | The Kitchn

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    Thanks. We get organic ice cream up here in Napa Valley, or I'll get Haagen Daaz chocolate chip. Will try the banana ice cream, though!

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    Thoughts run the gamut on this subject.

    Dairy intolerant? No cheats that involve dairy will end well unless they are very rare, less than once a month.

    Extra paranoid and think that hormones in the milk make your body into a fat-building machine? More fear for you.

    Fine with digesting dairy? It's still a sugar bomb - which is bad if you're on a candida protocol, are trying to cure diabetes, or avoiding any insulin spikes for whatever reason.

    On the other hand, if you're tolerant and otherwise healthy, there are many reports of occasional carb loads (sugar vs. starches debate) actually helping to restore insulin sensitivity and keep the weight loss going afterward.

    That's just scratching the surface. We've still got the A2 protein to discuss, as well as the cattle's feed. And meal timing. Are you eating the ice cream right after a workout? That's often a good time to indulge in carby things because lots of it will go toward replenishing your glycogen stores instead of fat storage.

    Shall I keep parroting? Anybody else want to take a swing?

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    Ice cream (good stuff) is a lot better for you than other things you could be eating. You can always try the banana-based recipes.
    I like (love!)
    1/4 cup coconut milk, chilled
    1 frozen banana
    some chocolate flavor of some type. little vanillla etc if you are fancy.
    Blend in a food processor till its a soft-serve consistency and then love it.
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    You will probably loose weight up to a point then stall.
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    Small chunks of frozen banana with a tsp of heavy cream and a healthy drizzle of really, really good quality chocolate topping is amazing.
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    Frozen berries + coconut cream + food processor = instant and intense soft-serve. IMO superior to any bought ice cream*. Can take a bit to get it "working" in the food processor, but very worthwhile.
    Optionally add a little cream too, and / or as has been suggested already a (gasp!) frozen banana.

    *except Kahu Road vanilla. Individual results may vary.

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    You will lose weight if you're still at a calorie deficit throughout the weak. A big bowl of ice cream has a lot less calories than a ribeye steak, so adding a bowl of ice cream to your meal is less than that of a ribeye steak. If you're not losing weight, cut something out of your diet to make up the ground.

    I recommend you purchase an ice cream maker and make your own ice cream. You can control the ingredients and caloric content, all while producing a superior result. There are some decent ice cream choices out there with 4 or 5 ingredients, but I still find them all sickeningly sweet. I strongly prefer my own.
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