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Thread: Cathy's Journal - Broken Body working to HEAL

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    Cathy's Journal - Broken Body working to HEAL

    I wanted to start my journal with where I am coming from, being paralyzed.
    August 2011 a virus attacked my body causing Transverse Myelitis paralyzing me from the waste down. I almost died because they didn't know what it was for 2 weeks and they did not know how to treat me. 6 weeks later I had learned to walk again. The doctors could not believe I improved as fast as I did and walked (with a walker) out of the hospital rehab. I attribute this to God because I know nerves do not heal that fast and I had a lot of nerve damage.
    At this point I could not care for myself, I could not bend over to pick anything up because bending over caused me to lose function in my legs (landed on the floor several times because I would forget).

    I have been working to get my strength back. I still have along way to go. Though I was 100 pounds overweight I was strong, walking 4 miles a day. Now as I said in meet and greet, I am happy to be able to stand and wash my dishes and do housework.
    I was completely numb the first 6 months or so but then the numbness started to wear off and the pain started. I have to fight to get going in the morning or after sitting for 1 hour. Everything gets so stiff, when I go to stand my muscles feel like they are tearing apart and part of that pain is from the muscle spasms I have all the time. I also have pain from nerve damage to deal with. So I 'feel' much better when I sit in a chair and don't move around a lot. But that is no life!!

    When the pain started I was put on several pills (I hate to take meds, I believe they mostly cause more damage then good) Well the pills made me gain 30 pounds in 30 days. That's a pound of day!!!!!!!!!! Plus they made me sleep ALL the time. Again what kind of life is that!!! So I opted to wean off the pills and live with the pain (which is actually better then when it first started 6 months ago). So now that my mind isn't dull and drugged and I am awake I realize all the more how I need to get healthy and I have believed for several years now that grain type carbs were bad for me.I crave pasta, pizza etc, all the time, practically living off the stuff so giving it up sounds so hard.
    I am trying not live for the immediate satisfaction but stay focused on getting strong again and getting healthy for the first time in my life. I want to know what it feels like to be healthy. I know I will get stronger and I know I may have to live with the pain the rest of my life but I also know it will be easier to get up and do things if I didn't have the extra weight to haul around. But doing the exercise side of it is difficult and I will try to do what I can. For me getting up to do anything is a strain on me at this time but just making myself get up every 1/2 hour has been strengthening me.

    So I started protein/veg eating yesterday and I am taking up a 30 day challenge!

    Day 1
    Yesterday my food log was
    Breakfast: Quinoa with prunes and coconut milk (read later not to over eat Quinoa either, oops)
    Lunch: Green smoothie - spinach, supergreens and frozen mixed fruit
    Dinner: Cabbage soup
    Exercise: 0
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