I thought this was excellent, a lot of details with which I was unfamiliar. And LaLonde mentions that he at one point was using information from Cordain that he later found to be inaccurate (wish he would have specified what), which led him to further scrutinize some paleo nutritional claims. Dated June 13th, 2012.

What Science Really Says About the Paleo Diet – With Mat Lalonde

7:10 Invalid Inference 1: Our Paleolithic ancestors ate this way and they were free of disease
9:45 Invalid Inference 2: We haven’t evolved enough to thrive on modern agriculture
12:12 Invalid Inference 3: We should live like our ancestors because we’re still genetically the same
18:12 What is the best scientifically backed argument for Paleo?
22:21 Why typical claims about antinutrients are wrong
26:28 The misconceptions about phytic acid
35:46 What can molecules tell us about white potatoes
39:57 Are lectins really problematic?
44:30 The least problematic macronutrient in dairy
50:38 Is slow, low cooking the ultimate way to cook?
55:35 Gluten sensitivity and coffee cross-reactivity
59:41 The real story behind Pseudo grains like Quinoa