I have had grand mal seizures since I was 22 (now 50).
The first drug I was prescribed was Tegretol but the side effects of it were so horrible that I chucked it and went unmedicated for years. During that time I learned how to at least get some measure of control over my condition through diet and exercise. I cut out all caffeine, booze, and sugar and got into body building. Other than the tofu and the brown rice, I was pretty much primal without knowing it. That really helped but I still had about a seizure per week.

About 20 years ago I was prescribed Phenobarbitol which made things much better. Maybe one seizure a month. Then 7 years ago I added Valproic Acid to the mix and have been seizure free since then. It's wonderful.

Now I have been researching non-phamaceutical ways to deal with epilepsy and it turns out ketosis has been used effectively for ages, but, since the advent of the pills, kind of got forgotten. I am concerned about the long term build up of pharmaceuticals in my body.

So, I'm doing a little N=1 here with myself on a strict keto diet and reducing the medication gradually. I have cut my Phenobarbitol dose by 25% (3 pills instead of 4 per day) (And, yes, my neurologist is being kept in the loop)

So far so good. I'm feeling great and sleeping better and being able to bounce out of bed more easily. I think some of this may be the metabolic suppression side effect of this drug.

I know that there are a few other PBers out there who have seizures. Has anybody done any dosing experiments since they have gone Primal?