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    Thanks, I'll check out some of the brands you mentioned. putting it in coffee sounds good.
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    If you read the packaging of that gallon of "Pure Coconut" or whatever they're called, it says, "Coconut Beverage" - not Coconut Milk! This is because, as others have mentioned, this is coconut milk mixed with water and synthetic vitamins.

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    I'm allergic to dairy and I drink coconut milk, it doesn't have that much more sugar in it (some info about coconut milk calories) and it has many benefits. I also make coconut milk kefir, it tastes really good.
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    I use Arroy-D in BP free cartons. LOVE it. I buy it in bulk off of but you have to weed through the sellers to find the best deal. I can't find it here on the shelves in the Milwaukee, WI area.

    I make white rice for the family from time to time and always sub most of the water with the coconut milk. Normally I don't tell them so they don't freak out (especially my husband who is on a statin). I use it in stews (at the end), marinades (ribs!), baked goods, stir fry and in my morning coffee... use a small immersion blender and it really emulsifies well. I haven't gotten to the point where I just drink it straight but that is a hold-over from my eating disorder years and calorie counting that I just can't seem to shake.

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    The half-gallons are a drink made to replace milk I believe. It does not taste like coconut to me and I use it everyday in coffee. I like it. The awesome thick stuff in the can is what I cook with and don't see why you couldn't thin it into a drink. You can also get coconut creme in a can(awesome stuff). I think the ready made drink may be fortified.

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