went for a stress test today, not a nuclear one, a walking regular one. the insurance would not pay yet, but will have as nuclear one soon. what if my diagnosis is the suspected angina this is pointing to.?
Is there anyone else here have this condition and is it manageable while maintaining the primal diet? I know the first knee jerk reaction will be cut the fats ,cut the fats ,cut the fats! eggs! etc, ?
where would i go from here? In all honesty, being on the primal diet, i don't look it. i got fatter, so justifying further primal eating will be tough for my family and doctor to support me, and now with this new health development of possible angina , does not support it either. any ideas, thoughts for me? i am totally at a loss what to eat if this is true that i have blockage from clogged arteries from plaque? I love my primal eating !