I have no prob saying primal. Love the food. Love to eat. I'm a 5'3" sedentary woman, currently 135 lbs, want to get down to a size 6, on my last 10 pounds now.

I track my foods, am consistently eating 2400 calories a day. Have tried to cut but I get hungry. I'm in ketosis. Have experimented with higher sweet potato days (200g carb/day) and lower carb intake (50g/day). Fat intake is high (aiming for 60-70% on the pie chart, when in ketosis) My body should require more like 1800 cals a day? I get too hungry for that.

How to deal with the hungry? I haven't had great luck with IF. I do weight lift but only once a week.

Sleep isn't great but isn't terrible. Stress not too bad. I just eat too much.