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Thread: help me cut calories

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    In short, and if I may be blunt, what you're doing isn't the Primal Blueprint. It appears to be choosing the primal-approved foods that you like and eating lots of them, with the odd vice thrown in. There's a big difference.

    If I may be less bold and expand
    There's very few vegetables in there. As someone mentioned earlier stuff like broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, sweet potato is very filling in decent quantities - and comes recommended in the PB because of all the essential nutrients as well as the low calorie/high satiety ratio. We can't see the vitamin RDA profile here - but if you're tracking then this shouldn't be ignored. The body requires lots of vitamins and minerals to perform lots of functions, if you're deficient in even one of them it may be affecting the way your metabolism is working, or not. I would have to disagree with an earlier posters' comment that your diet looks healthy, if the 2 days you've posted are typical.

    Also, you should be exercising more. A no-brainer and has been previously mentioned.

    The fat vs carbs thing has been discussed to death, but I personally think you'd benefit from adding more (vegetable) carbs and cutting fat a bit. I've never found fat to be as satisfying as protein or sweet potato anyway, but I know other people will differ. You may find that less overall calories and more exercise will more than compensate for the extra carb load.

    As others have said, you're extremely lucky at your size and activity level to be able to eat 2,400 calories and not gain weight, I know my girlfriend for one would be pretty jealous! So making a few good alterations could make the world of difference - eat those veggies, ditch the chocolate nuts and cheese dressings and go for a walk! Hope this helps...

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    You are also eating a TON of fat (208g in one of your sample days). That's a grossly unnecessary amount. Trying cutting back on the amount of fat you eat.

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    I'd look for opportunities to add more movement & fitness than cutting foods..

    The key to PB is sustainability & creating lifelong habits.. If you love food as much as it seems, I don't see you resetting your mind (or body) to enjoy & feel satisified with substantially less food to accomplish your goals.. & as you continue aging, do you plan on continuing to cut & cut & cut until your calories are so low, life is miserable & you have Cibophobia? Its only going to get tougher to stay thin & "lose weight" as you age..

    Move more, sure you could cut out some of your treats but rolling through life always looking to "cut" is no way to live.. I'm hoping there's room in your schedule to get a 30 minute walk/jog in 3-4 days a week..

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    I wanted to echo sbhikes on the movement. Find a way to get more movement. For example, I've taken the habit of only buying enough groceries for 1 day, so I have to walk to the grocery store near my house (maybe a 40 minute total trip). That's a good start and definitely better than nothing.
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    I am the same height, but I'm fairly active. Still I can't consume over 1500 calories and still lose. The foods that really hinder my weight loss are cheese, nuts and nut butters. I have successfully eliminated them except for the occasional serving of nuts.
    Maybe once you have achieved your goal weight you'll be able to indulge in cheese, nuts, dark chocolate and wine from time to time. I'd hold off for the time being though, if I were you.

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    2400 calories at your height and maintaining your current that's the metabolic jackpot right thurr

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    see what I mean??

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    I see that bacon is on your food list. Bacon is a very calorie dense almost everyone that I've seen talking about hitting plateaus is a regular bacon eater. Sausage and cheese are also very calorie dense and easy to over do.

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    I'm 5'2" and 135. Been eating mostly primal for 3 months.
    I like my wine, still have a beer or 2 on the weekends, have a kefir/fruit/protein smoothie every day for breakfast.

    I eat lunch at 12:30, which is usually a 1oz pepperoni stick and a piece of cheese (yeah I know). Used to eat almonds at lunch too but gave those up. Another lunch standard is 'meat rollups' - good quality deli lunchmeat with mustard, a strip of cheese, a dilly bean, rolled up in a lettuce/spinach/chard leaf - maybe 3 of those.

    Snack is at 3pm and is usually a couple hard boiled eggs or a piece of leftover meat from dinner.

    Dinner is almost always primal. Meat or eggs, veg, sometimes a sliced avocado on the side. A 4oz glass or 2 of red wine.

    I walk 1.5 miles a day every day from my car to the building I work in. At work I find ways to do assorted excercises, climb stairs, push ups in the break room, etc. At home I am usually on the go non-stop, taking care of livestock and crops. Since I know my 'cheat's slow down weight loss, I try not to stress about it, just make everything else I eat and do as primal as I can. Now finally I am starting to feel really great. On the weekends I can have coffee (with cream) and my smoothie, then work for hours before my stomach growls. Even then, I never get that terrible low blood sugar thing anymore. After a few minutes my tummy will be quiet, and I can keep working until I want to take a break. A quick bite of something and I'm good til dinner.

    Work is harder, because of the boredom issue, but I'm trying to apply the same principles as home. I was able to give up my 10am snack and drop a lot of calories from my 2 other daytime meals. When I get home from work I can go for hours before eating dinner. It took a while, but it's starting to click. SHave some calories, eat densely, wait through the first bit of hungry, and sneak in bits of exercise.
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    Here I thought the blueprint advice for hunger was to eat more fat!

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