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    I'm not generally sickly, but I never was. I sometimes get a cold-like thing when seasons change, so it may just be my body adjusting to different pollens, etc. It doesn't lay me out, it's just sniffles and maybe a mild headache for a couple of days. Already had my summer "cold," so I'm good to go until winter.

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    I got the flu or something this spring. I don't think it was coincidental that I hadn't been taking as much vitamin D as usual for a couple of months...
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    Right now. Nasty bug going through the office. I am sitting here listening to people hack and sneeze. My wife came down with it on Friday, started with a sore throat. It is Monday, thought I escaped it, but no, my throat is starting to itch.... Probably be heading home soon.
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    When I returned to Egypt in May, I had a day or so of minor stomach upset but it passed without medications. I usually get an upper respiratory infection once a year that I don't medicate but sleep off (up to 20 hours at a time) but I have not had that this year. Other than an occasional sneeze, I have not been sick in over 2 years. But before I went primal, I was rarely sick anyway.
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    I had an awful virus a couple of weeks back, I genuinely suspected viral meningitus. I was off work for a week, and slept for 16 hours on one of the days. The headache was the worst part.

    Other than that I'm pretty hardy. It always seems to be viral type illnesses that I suffer from.

    I also suffer even less with sunburn than I did before, unless I really take the piss.

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    I haven't had anything since around christmas time. The big test will be when the kids go back to school. There's 5 of us in my house. It seems like the colds hit each of us one at a time so that it seems to drag on forever.

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    Been a few years since I've had so much as a cold worth mentioning. I tend to fare very well even when I'm stuck in the presence of sick people. I don't think there is any question that eating real, clean food and drinking lots of clean water, is a huge boost to the immune system.

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    In the last 10 years, I have been very ill 2 times. One was a severe cold with voice loss. The other was very severe stomach flu. I barely even have colds.

    I am really healthy, however, I have dental problems. Really bad teeth.

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    I have suffered with respiratory illnesses (some rather serious like bronchitis and pneumonia) ever since I was a small child. Been on Primal for year and a half and I've only been sick once with a stomach bug. I no longer smoke, though. That might also have something to do with my much improved health.

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    I used to get some kind of cold with every season change. In the last year and a half I've had a mildly sore throat twice.

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