I must admit that I've looked upon the Vibram Five Fingers footwear with amusement and asserted to myself that I'd never wear such an item.

Joining MDA (Mark's Daily Apple) I've found myself revisiting those shoes...gloves? Foot gloves? Reading Mark's comments has given me pause to look at them with different eyes. Never the less, I have what might be a conflict with wearing them and that is Plantar Fasciitis.

A couple of years ago I started developing foot issues that were diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. This condition was brought on by a combination of long hours on my feet in the film business and 3 days a week fitness boot camp held primarily on asphalt.

I have been advised to wear footwear that supports my arch as often as possible. I avoid going barefoot as much as I can wearing Birkenstocks around the house etc. Additionally I had custom orthotics made to use daily in what ever type of shoe I am wearing be it work or exercise.

Anyone have thoughts on wearing the Vibram Five Fingers in consideration of Plantar Fasciitis?