My wife and I are actually starting the 21 day challege TODAY! We are pretty excited as we really feel like we need the change in our life, not just our diet.

Our concern is with our 15 year old daughter. She plays competitive soccer so her training is pretty intense and the "season" is pretty long. We definitely want to include her in much of the primal lifestyle, so to speak, but dont want to hurt her performance or get her system knocked out of whack.

In other words, I want her to learn about sleeping better and shutting down the computer if not doing homework. I want her to eat fresh fruit and vegitables and lean meat and fish. I want her to get away from processed foods, just I want to get myself away from those foods. But I also want to make sure she is getting enough of what she needs to be able to compete.

My assumption at this point is that she can follow what we are doing but include some white rice, potato and sweet potato for example. What I'm unsure of is whether to include these types of foods as a regular meal or specifically just before or after a hard training. I'm a little confused about where the line is drawn between being a fat burner and still including carbs due to very strenuous activity. Should I be concerned about making sure she is a fat burner? Am I worrying too much? I just want her to be healthy but not hurt her performance. Any and all suggestions welcome. I just need a bit of a game plan for her.