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Thread: My Urban Caveman Journey

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    My Urban Caveman Journey


    I thought it will significantly help me if I'd log my journey to becoming an urban caveman here. Both for motivational purposes, but also so that whoever reads this can either benefit from or comment if I am doing something wrong!

    I'll introduce myself;

    My name is Owen I am currently 27 male, 6ft 1inches and 290lbs. I am from the city of Manchester UK hence my urban caveman name and title of my journal. Manchester although a busy city isn't completely a concrete jungle. In the suburbs we have some beautiful scenery. Which will hopefully become my gym!

    My sport is American Football, I have been using my size as an advantage for my position, (offensive lineman), but now I am starting to feel like my health and well being needs to take more of a front seat now!

    I am hoping exercising and eating primal will significantly improve my health, fitness, strength and the way I view myself. So this is my journey... I am no writer, so please don't expect any epic literature, but I will attempt to make it as interesting as possible!!

    Thanks in Advance

    aka urbancaveman
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