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Thread: 22 and Primal

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    The ginger works magic as well though! That spice really clears everything out...

    Food today (never made it to the store :/ )
    Around 3, I had a banana and a bottle of water.
    At 5 I had a grande iced decaf americano from starbucks, black.
    10pm a mixed greens salad with bell peppers, bacon, grilled chicken, almonds, red onion, cucumber and balsamic.
    3 emmy's macaroons, dark cacao

    99% chocolate melted down with almonds and some coconut flakes.

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    We get a drink here to mix with water....lemongrass and ginger. Yum.

    Im saying this to help. You need to eat a llllllot more to lose weight. Your body doesnt want to lose fat, it naturaly holds onto it. You need to up it to lose it (I know you said money was tight, so buy things like nuts. Oilive oil on anything/everything will add about 100 calories per tea spoon).

    It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.

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