Hello everyone, anyone...myself? I introduced myself in meet and greet the other day but tonight I will start a journal because tomorrow I am starting a Whole30! A little recap on me and a couple of facts: I am a 22yo female who recently moved up to Brooklyn, NY from Charleston, SC and I am proud to say that I am going primal. After four years of college, binge drinking, eating, smoking, and pretty much anything else you can binge on, I am ready to change my lifestyle! In June I was diagnosed with Grave's disease and hyperthyroidism which I believe I have had for years and was not aware of it. I knew that I had individual things "wrong" with me but I never counted them as a whole and well I guess no one in my life thought about connecting all of the dots. The recommended treatment for this disease is to begin with pills....a LOT of pills which could continue on for years. But who in their right mind would want to participate in a treatment like that?! "May or may not achieve remission" says my Dr....sounds like I need to do something. So here I am. And after 30 days I will be getting labs done for my thyroid to see what I am hoping will be a dramatic change in my thyroid function, essentially I am my own guinea pig!

I tried to start on August 9th and was doing quite well until last night when I was hanging out with friends who 1. took me to an italian restaurant in Little Italy where I had to endure the large basket of bread presented in front of me and watch the large tables of families eat their complimentary bread while they ate their large pizza followed by dessert...it was torture to say the least. I ordered the vegetarian veggie plate which did not indicate exactly what "vegetables" I would be receiving. Out came the plate loaded with big chunks of sauteed potatoes, green beans, and two pieces of broccoli, I wanted to cry. No potatoes for me, I offered them up to my friend. 2. they dragged me to some swanky rooftop bar. I know what you must be thinking... "don't you have any self control?! Couldn't you just say no?!" And you would be right in thinking this but at the time I tried to convince myself that I could handle all of these temptations and didn't want to be the party pooper when everyone knows me as the party starter! I had one glass of tequila with lime juice and felt so awful that I left barely saying goodbye.

My insomnia returned last night after a week because I beat myself up over this little indiscretion. I know that is not what I should do but I can't help but feel guilty about not doing what I know is right for me, I want this so badly! So tomorrow is my one and only do-over. I am going to fall asleep at 12 and wake up at 6 30 and go do my four miles because thats what makes me feel good! Then I am going to journal every little thing that I put into my body.

My excessive social life will now be taking a back seat to what I need to do for me!
Before going primal I was always doing green smoothies except I would use way too much fruit and add some nasty protein powder to them. Recently I came up with a DELICIOUS and easy recipe that has been approved by both primal and non primal eaters. Tonight I went to Whole Foods and got almost a pound of spinach, 4 bananas and unsweetened original almond milk.

I separated the spinach equally and cut each banana in half. Then put a set amount of spinach and half a banana into a ziplock bag and then straight into the freezer, now when I want a quick lunch, all I have to do is put the contents of the bag into the blender and add 1 1/2 cups of almond milk, blend it up and i've got a cold green beverage! Try it out, so so good!

If you made it this far down, I appreciate you listening to me rant and I hope to hear from you soon. If your doing a Whole30 and want to share your experiences with me or just going primal, i'd love to hear how your doing. You have my full support!