Hey everyone, I was hoping for some help and ideas as I'm having a very difficult time adding mass to my body. I've been stuck at about 195 lbs now for the longest time, and despite my best efforts to eat as much as I can (including coconut cream protein shakes) it won't budge. That being said, I am virtually 100% paleo/primal ALL THE TIME. In fact, I would argue that I am 99.999999999999% paleo/primal. With that remaining tiny percentage beyond my control: ie. assuming the meal at a restaurant/friend's place is indeed paleo

Anyway, I also eat pretty low carb, somewhere in the ballpark of "maybe" 70 grams a day? Roughly? Some days a bit less, some days a lot less. I only occasional eat sweet potato and never eat white potatoes. The question is, should I be worried about increasing my carb intake via sweet potato/white potato? I have a feeling I know what you guys are gonna say but I need that push to get over my fear... The idea of spiking my insulin throughout the day gives me nightmares and I guess what I really am asking for is reassurance that everything will be OK

BTW, I should have mentioned that my caloric intake is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3500-400 calories, and I lead a moderately active lifestyle. I'm sure I forgot something so please ask away!

Ahh ha! I forgot to say that I am approximately 7-8% body fat, so I am rather lean at this point. This all happened from paleo, no changes otherwise, and NO caloric restriction.

Please share your thoughts...