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Thread: New girl here and a question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimeApe View Post
    What is carb flu? I guess I need to check out google!

    Well here's today:

    Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana smoothie with protein powder
    Lunch: Tuna salad, cottage cheese, and an apple
    Dinner: Planning on having Salmon, Brussels sprouts, and salad

    This is a pretty typical day for me. Perhaps I need to add in some snacks.
    Well, so far as I can see the only particularly low-carb meal is the dinner. So I don't know why people are definite in "diagnosing" your carbohydrate level as the reason for the dizziness. Perhaps it is, but perhaps not. Maybe you should check with your doctor.

    I also don't know why some people recommend quantities of white rice, a denuded, high-glycemic, and nutrient-poor food, that offers little other than calories, and call it "paleo". It's definitely not recommended in The Paleo Diet, and the author of that book is actually sore against all cereal grains. (Nor will you find it in the Primal Blueprint, which IIRC, in the way of cereal grains recommends only occasional whole unpolished "wild rice".) There are plenty of other foods to eat, without going to cereal grains -- unless you yourself particularly wish to eat them.

    As for eating more -- maybe you should.

    Here's a guide on what foods to eat for pregnant and nursing mothers. Some of these recommendations are pretty close to Primal:

    Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers - Weston A Price Foundation

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    Thanks Lewis!

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    You don't have to give up peanut butter and cottage cheese completely. But if you can minimize them you will be light years ahead of most. Eat plenty of whole foods, and when you think you've had enough water try having a little more. You should start feeling better.

    If your dizziness is extreme, like you get blurred vision or feel like your going to go unconscious. Get to a Doctor ASAP.

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