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Thread: Mods and Spam

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvyBlue View Post
    No, I don't want to watch a live stream of anything.
    Just wait till the spammers start linking up... watersports...

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    FYI... it's hours later and Rocking522 spambot is still cranking stuff out... so I called the store # asking if they can alert some one on the web about it. I said I figured someone might be out sick.

    Very nice sounding woman said she'd look into it and agreed someone is out sick.

    I said I was sorry to bother her, thanked her & the office (& Mark) for their work, the forum and what they do on the site, and pointed out that some old-timers were offering to assist in spam-bot freezing if they were interested.

    Just an FYI. That pesky Rocking522 really is getting on my nerves...

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    Wow, couldn't agree more. I was wondering why I was seeing obvious spammers and how they were able to load that much crap on here.

    Please get those annoying wankers off our site!

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