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    Aw shucks, NMC. Thank you.

    If you read my story, you'll see that I've normalized my sugars and stopped all diabetes medication. It can be done. I encourage you to do it.

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    Diagnosed over 3 years ago. Started eating primal in December and so far have lost 60lbs. and lowered my A1C to 4.9. My post prandrial blood sugars are always under in the 85-105 range now. I have diabetic co-workers and it's sad to watch them eating carbs all day knowing that it's killing them. I remember those cravings. It's an addiction. Before going primal and going through about a week's withdrawal, I literally felt like I was starving if I didn't eat every 2-3 hours. Now I can go 8, 10, 12 hours and not feel a pang of hunger. Last week I did a 36 hour fast and didn't really feel hungry until into the 30th hour. So if you're diabetic, especially if you have high insulin resistance this may well be the best way to eat. Yeah primal!

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    My story: I was ADDICTED to ice cream and cookies. Almost every night I'd take a hage amount of ice cream, cruble a few homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies on it, then pour milk in it.

    I'm 6' tall, and weighed 185, but I still looked thin because I carried all of the excess weight in my abdomen, and I was good as sucking it in all the time. My back hurt from sucking it in so much! I looked 8 months pregnant when I looked int he mirror.

    I finally was diagnosed as a prediabetic with a OGTT of 160's. I got a meter and my fastings were 125 -135.

    Like a good RN, I started on the ADA diet for diabetics. The short story there is that if you follow that diet, you WILL end up on diabetic meds. Anyway, I only got worse on that diet, like everyoen else does.

    After a 199 OGTT, I came home and told my wife I was NOT going down the diabetic path. I'm an RN, and I know the misery and death it causes.

    That day I eliminated all carbs and processed foods and vegitable oils, flours etc, and decided to eat "real food" only. Coconut oil, raw milk (usually from goats) pastured eggs, grassfed beef and 10,000U a day of D3 suppliment. Was it pricey? Sure. Worth it. Absolutly.

    So basically I went primal without knowing what it was. Later I found this website.

    4 months after the cold-turkey change, My OGTT went down to 100, almost a 100 point drop! (Anything below 140 is considered normal). My A1C a few weeks ago was 5.2. My random glucose was 80. D level was 74.9. Blood pressure went from 135/95 ish to 110/65ish. Dropped 30 lbs from my gut. I'm now 6' and 155 lbs. Close to high school weight (I'll be 50 in 2 weeks).

    It's been 3 years now, and there's no looking back. I'm stronger than ever and recently at the beach some pictures were taken. I was shirtless and I gotta say, I looked good! I was really surprised.

    I also took up martial arts last August. I do that once or twice a week. It is a good workout, and yea, the sparring can leave you whipped! (I also do strength training a couple of days a week and have worked up to being able to do 70 good form pushups in a row.

    Keep it up. You'll get there!

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    I am actually not happy with my "success." My goal was to get off medication. Which I did for about a month and my fasting sugars started creeping back up into the 150's so I went back on the medication. It's been a very frustrating experience. I went to Florida in January to visit my mother's side of the family and discovered that every single one of them had type 2 and none of them are fat either. I think I just inherited some genetic flaw that has caused this and the mono that I had a few years back triggered it. That's my best guess. Boo!

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