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Thread: Blood test results came back...

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    Blood test results came back...

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    I started Primal/Paleo around 4 months ago, started going to the gym 2-3 times a week and have successfully shed 10 pounds. However, when I got my blood test, I was surprised to see that both my Uric Acid (5.74) and Cholesterol (247.88) levels have shot up! I used to have normal numbers for each and now they're both borderline. They're even higher than my mom's and she eats grains and sweets all the time.

    That being said, it was only a total cholesterol test so I'm getting a more detailed blood test soon with HDL and LDL levels. The thing is, I eat mainly vegetables, fatty fish, citrus fruits so this really frustrates and disappoints me. I do admit to eating around 2 oz of nuts a day so is that to blame for the uric acid?

    P.S. My heartbeat has also lowered to 51bpm. They say this isn't a concern but I'm wondering if this is related to the other results?


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    High total cholesterol is not an issue.

    Lower heart rate is a sign of better efficiency in your lungs and heart from your exercise.

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    Normal cholesterol in the 40's and 50's was 240. Did you know that? Then they lowered it to 220, somewhere in the 80's they lowered 'normal' to 200. And now they're even talking about lowering it once again because not enough people are taking statins and handing over hard earned money to pharma!

    When you first start eating primally your body is healing. To heal the body LDL must be produced. LDL is the shuttle that transports nutrients to places that need repairing. For example, my LDL went up from 110ish to 160 almost instantly when I got braces. My LDL remains high until the braces come off and healing new bone is done. On top of it my HDL went up, too, because I am eating a healthier, cleaner diet. So my total cholesterol is way above 200 but my ratios are perfect. My triglycerides are always between 30-50 which means all of my LDL particles are fluffy - which is the best.

    And don't worry about uric acid. The body can process only so much protein within a certain amount of time and the rest has to go somewhere...
    If you have crystal formations within the urin you can cut those down by taking an anti-oxidant such as tocotrienols.
    Here is a helpful link: Health Benefits of Tocotrienol

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    and a total cholesterol number is meaningless.
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    Did you train one or two days before the blood draw? (Seems likely if you do it 2-3 times a week.) This can increase your uric acid. Next time, take two days off before the labs.

    If you get your HDL and LDL, have them measure your triglycerides as well. I consider HDL and trigs the values worth knowing and don't care about total Cholesterol and LDL.

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    You're fine. Don't panic. As mentioned about, TC is meaningless. Get the HDL/LDL/tri numbers and see what your ratios are.

    And seriously, don't worry about a lower heart beat.

    Smile and walk in the sunshine!

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    Have your TC check once a week for three months. Only then will you be able to see any consistent results.

    Masterjohn talks about TC swinging wildly (as much as 40 pts) on a daily basis.

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