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Thread: Fruits, any off limits??

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    As long as you're not going over your carb goal each day, I don't think any particular fruits are totally off-limits (check out Mark's carbohydrate curve[/url] if you haven't before, for a good starting point to deciding how many carbs to eat).

    I eat one serving of fruit a day on average, and there are none that I will absolutely not eat (other than dried fruit, because I know I can't control myself with that). I even eat really sugary ones like bananas once in a while, because I like them. Of course, if I'm eating a lot of veggies or nuts one day, I wont have any fruit, just to keep the carbs in line.

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    My personal approach is that fruit is in the lower part of the Primal food pyramid and I eat it daily. For the people who are VLC, they avoid it but I love it.

    I probably eat one serving, no more than two a day. I eat berries almost daily and clementines are in season right now and I love those!

    In the book and I&#39;m sure Mark has a post on hear somewhere that specifies which fruit is more preferable and which fruit should be limited or eaten in moderation.

    However, sinc you said you are pretty active, a piece or two a day shouldn&#39;t hurt. As always, there is the caveat that how much you eat depends on your overall goals.

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