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Thread: Coconut Water Considered Primal?

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    I do capoeira 3x a week for about 2 hours each session and since its done in a fairly small space with only a couple of fans and a lot of people it seems I sweat a ton! My question is I used to drink sports drinks to keep properly hydrated and keep my electrolytes up. Now that I'm doing primal I figured I had to cut those drinks out (colorings, chemicals, tons of fake sugars..etc) but was at a loss of what to drink other than plain water on days I know I'm going to sweat hard.

    I asked around a a lot of people in my class drink natural coconut water (it says it has lots of electrolytes and potassium).

    I was wondering since coconut oil and coconut meat are primal, what about the water?

    Please note I'm not talking about the coconut waters that have preservatives or extra sugar in it, I mean the ones like VitaCoco that are 100% coconut water.

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen a lot of stuff about coconut water on this site. If you could chop the top off a young coconut and drink the water inside, I don't think you could get more primal than that! But if you don't have a coconut tree and a machete handy, then buying pure coconut water is your next best bet I'd say

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    Unlike mature coconuts with oil and such, coconut water is ALL carbohydrate. 25g per 12oz IIRC. If that doesn't matter to you, go for it.

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