This is my first day as a Forum member (lurker for almost 3 weeks, started Primal 2 weeks ago). I came across PB while searching for ideas to reduce hormone induced binges (that's the best way I can describe it). Background-I have a larger frame but very strong and athletic in my younger years. I was a depressed little girl around 14 years old after my parents divorced. I was placed on a plethora of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs that added 50 lbs to my frame in no time. I went from a size 6/8 to size 14/16 in a matter of months. Therapy helped me through my depression/anxiety but the weight never went away. It took 6 years for me to finally lose the majority of that weight and it was following Atkins religiously. I started to "cheat" on the weekends after losing the weight and eventually the weekends continued on into the weekends and wouldn't you know it?? The weight came back on. I tried many other diets and changes but could never get below 185 on the scale/size 12 in clothes.

I married my sweet husband and within 6 months we were pregnant with twin boys. I delivered the boys full term in late 2010 and that is when my true battle of the hormones began. My skin, hair and nails started changing. My energy changed. I wanted to stay in bed and cry some days while other days I am on top of the world (not bipolar--think PMS to the 100th power). I started getting random dark spots all over my face and on my upper lip. I would eat great (low calorie/fat, whole grains, chronic cardio) for around 2 weeks out of the month and the other two weeks was a roller coaster of binges, some purges and regret and guilt. I knew the signs of depression and this wasn't the same. It was 6 months ago that I really started connecting the dots that my hormones may have something to do with all of this. It was confirmed by my Doctor that I am imbalanced, he gave me Rx for estrogen and I thought all would be well with the wasn't. Things didn't get better and some issues grew even more extreme. I talked to my Doctor some more who said there isn't much more he could do. More researching began and I came across this website.

My recent lifestyle involved 30-90 min of exercise/6 days a week, 1400-1800 calorie diet unless binge occurred. I felt very hopeful reading MDA success stories and some women voiced similar issues to what I am going through. I purchased the 21 day makeover and started the change on July 29th (2 weeks ago tomorrow). I have lost about 3 lbs so far. I am trying to get out of the Chronic Cardio mindframe but it is so hard. I love that "high" feeling of accomplishment after running or Spin classes. I'm not sure what I am doing right or wrong diet-wise but feel that I should start a Journal. It will keep me honest and anyone who is interested in giving feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Yesterday was a rough day. I weighed myself and had only lost 1 lb since the week before and felt bloated all morning and afternoon. I kept telling myself that nothing is working and of course, I needed to go to the store for more items. I gave in to what had been in the back of my head all day after weighing myself and binged on pizza and cookies. I was immediately disgusted with myself but tried to remind myself I did not "fail" this diet. I got up this morning, found some things to eat PB-worthy (funny how I couldn't find them yesterday) and did WOD, then the boys and I went to the weekend Farmer's Market and bought lots of goodies to feast on this week. I really want to succeed at this. Weight loss and fat loss are important to me but the most important thing for me is to feel better. I feel like eating more PB balanced will help me feel more balanced in other areas. At least, it's worth a shot, right? Ok-thanks for letting me ramble!!