Can anybody give me some advice?
I have been eating Primal to a tee for 5 months I feel great, look great (lost 19 pounds) but my bowels are very sluggish. I maybe have a bowel movement once a week and it is not much. Funny thing is I am not blotted or gassy (which is awesome to finally get rid of). I eat tons of vegetables enough seeds and nuts and fat, good quality meat and eggs and berries as my fruit. I am also keeping myself hydrated. Exercising is not a problem everyday I am moving a lot.

Is this normal? I visited my GI doctor this week for a checkup (I have a history of SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which is gone!) he was concerned about my new way of eating no grains and told me to add the grains back so I have more bulk to move my bowels. Now I do not know what to do. Do I add back the grains that make me feel like crap just so I can move my bowels more than once a week? I do feel like I need to go but nothing moves.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,