I just found PB in the last week or so. I am on board. I cleaned out my pantry yesterday and am starting primal today.

In July I started with (but all that counting calories stuff doesn't work for me) and in part of getting ready I took some pictures (definitely not flattering). I swear I am not this fat in my head – I mean I knew I was fat but not that fat. The unbelievable thing is that for my weight you would think that I would have out of wack numbers from blood work. Here are my stats:

• weight 215
• height 5’2”
• Cholesterol 131
• HDL 51
• LDL 66
• a1c 5.8
• Creatinine 0.7

So when I had my physical in March – my doctor was like yeah your heavy but your numbers are great ….I am a little concerned about the fasting glucose of 116 –and 126 makes you diabetic but your doing great let's just keep an eye on that glucose. Great? Great? Are you kidding me?

I want to state that I am done with all the lame ass excuses and convincing myself that my “numbers are good”. This is not good.

I am short and fat and it turns out I’m almost square.
I am 5’2” which is 62 inches. My hips and butt at the largest part is 52”.

A square is equal tall and wide and I’m almost freakin there.


I’m going post one of the unflattering pictures because it is what it is….

Time for a change