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Thread: olympian diets?

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    olympian diets?

    I have been watching the Olympics - I LOVE it. The cycling, rowing, athletics, gymnastics - you name it I watch it.

    It seems most olympic teams have nutritionists. In fact, for the bigger teams, most separate disciplines have their own nutritionists. I am assuming most of those are conventionally CW trained and recommending a basically CW diet (with "tweaks" on macros/calorie intake for different sports). I've seen a few features comparing breakfasts, for example, for a top track cyclist, swimmer and runner - all consuming oats, whole grains etc - as well as lean protein and veggies/fruit. I was very impressed by Michael Phelps and his 5000+ calorie cooked breakfast with pancakes and a few other things. Most seemed carb heavy (and I don't just mean starchy veg) as you'd expect for people training hard. But there were LOTS of "non primal", "inflammatory" things there - and most diets seemed low fat.

    So, I was wondering?? Would those phenomenal athletes perform/feel/recover/train any "better" if they were Primal??? They look in pretty good shape to me (!) but from a primal perspective are they simply managing well/storing up trouble for later/under-performing/not feeling as great as they could??

    Just wondering.
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