I was wondering many other PB'ers ate sticky rice. I live in Thailand and one of the ubiquitous snacks around is sticky rice either plain, savoury with satay sticks or sweet with coconut, mango etc. It's usually cooked by the roadside and wrapped in a banana leaf or a bamboo stick and is almost the ultimate easy to buy and go snack I've come across. Plus it's cheap.

Mark did a post on rice a few months ago regarding the amount of rice Asians eat and how they stayed thin. One of the things about sticky rice is that it takes a long time to digest (traditionally workers ate it to keep themselves full through the day) so,I guess this would help avoid any insulin spike. I know if I eat a small portion at lunch, like a handful I'm normally full for most of the rest of the day.

As I understand it, it is glutinous (sticky) but not glutenous ( I.e it is gluten free).