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You're getting mixed up between 'joke' and 'not joke'
wac - sticky rice is SEWWIOUS BINNIS!

no joking about sticky rice!

the sticky rice gods will take you down with a fiery bolt of lightning

Patski, I hear you on the smaller meals. I'm practicing that MYSELF these days.

Mysteriously, I do feel just fine eating 2 eggs with butter for breakfast instead
of six eggs, so that's good, but it IS weird.

Trying to focus on fat and protein at the moment. It's so much easier.

Today I had 6 breakfast snausages at 12pm, and here is is 7:30 and dinner ain't ready
yet and I really couldn't care less.

Crazy, but Mami Likey.

Tomorrow we're going to an amusement park for the day, so I plan on hoarking TWO cans
of tuna with mayo before we go... if I can, so I don't get sucked into A.) shit food and B.)
astronomical prices for said shit food.

Two cans o' tuna ain't exactly a small meal, but hopefully it'll last me from 10am to 6pm
and burn off slowly as we stand in line all.day.long.

Come get my kids.

Love Always,