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    Your Favourite Documentaries

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    My husband has gotten really in to documentaries in the last few months and we've been Primal with a vengeance for a few weeks now. In hopes of keeping our focus high, I'd like to know your favourite documentaries related to food, health, Primal living - or anything else (I fall asleep during the financial documentaries ).

    I really enjoyed Fat Head when I first saw it years ago, and King Corn and Food Inc. were eye-openers.

    Any other suggestions?

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    this here documents how to lift heavy shit, you see?

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    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
    March of the Pengins
    Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

    I love documentaries. The first two are definitely favorites. The wild parrots always make me cry when he gets to the part about the river and the waterfall. The second two are some unusual ones I enjoyed.

    My first class at the university was this introductory anthropology class (I didn't go to this university)
    Cultural Anthropology -- University of Minnesota Duluth

    A lot of these documentaries were fascinating. It looks like maybe you can see them online if you have real player. Faces of Culture Videos
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    Birkenstocks & hairy arm pits.

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    The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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    One word. Restrepo.

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    I just saw Boxing Girls of Kabul which is a great little (one-hour) film about young female boxers in afghanistan. it's great.

    I love documentaries too. Eric Bana's one about his car; one about a fashion photographer in NY. It's His Name, New York, but I can't remember his name. Bill something or some such.

    Definitely one of my favorite genres.

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    Did Cooking make us human - interesting for the primal stint you can add about eating meat.

    Also we have watched the incredible human journey recently, which from kinda ties in with ancesteral eating.
    First episode below - there are 5 I think.

    The truth about excersie is also interesting if you are getting into the fitness side of things, it's recent, but it may have passed you by.

    That should keep you going for a bit.
    You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................

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    Food, Inc.
    King Corn and Big River (Big River is sort of a sequel)
    Atomic Cafe
    please be patient with me, i'm a newbie.

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    Bigger Stronger Faster. Watched it today, very interesting on suplements and steriods.

    I Kettlebell therefore I am.

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