Green Dean has a least 130 videos. If you're into nut flours and want to save money the last two videos are how to use acorns for flour.

EatTheWeeds - YouTube

I've made this drink a lot and it tastes surprisingly good, high Vitamin C. Makes a good marinade too.

EatTheWeeds: Episode 43: the Sumac - YouTube

and I've used acron meal to make a bread. It actually looks like a dark chocolate cake. We ate it hot with butter.
The easiest way to leach them is to grind the meat and then soak out the tannins. Just change out the water until the meat no longer tastes bitter.

EatTheWeeds: Episode 50: Acorns - YouTube

there's more to this next video then acorn grubs. Acorn flour is similar to corn starch

Eat The Weeds: Episode 124: Acorn Grubs - YouTube