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    Walking a few miles a day is perfectly natural and healthy.

    Steep hills may constitute a sprint or two ... but I doubt that your heart rate would be above 75% max chronically while walking, unless you are very unfit.
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    If you are doing it because you enjoy it, go for it. If you are doing it to loose weight - chronic.
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    NOT walking everyday is unhealthy. Even 1950s housewives walked around all day. It's unnatural to sit all day! Keep up the walking!

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    Walking is great.

    My understanding of chronic cardio:
    1. A long time spent doing it at a steady rate (45 minutes plus)
    2. Heart rate elevated into anaerobic zone (depends on your numbers, but walking won't do it for most people)
    3. Done daily, or near daily.
    4. Limited or no recovery time.

    I think that last one is really what differentiates chronic from not. Someone who runs 5-6 miles once a week at an 8-minute pace isn't doing chronic cardio. Doing that every day probably is.

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    Walking is great. Nomads did a lot of it. It is good for your core because your body works to keep you upright. It's good for your legs. Good for your aerobic capacity. It's good for your bones because it's gently impactive. Having been in various states of health/unhealth all my life because of my own bad habits, the one thing I always felt was that as long as I could walk, I could start walking back to good health.

    Walking is our natural mode of transport. What's unhealthy is sitting all day.

    I think chronic goes to hard training over years and the kinds of destruction to the body that happens to some kinds of athletes.

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    this will be talked about for a long time now.

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    just wondering, if someone on here said "yes, no doubt about it, walking for 45' a day is chronic cardio", would you stop doing it?? Really??

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    In the Primal universe, walking is "move often at a slow pace" which is highly recommended. Many of you here on the forum tend to ask "what would Grok have done?" In this case we know! Scientists today say (sorry, don't remember the source) that hunter-gatherers walked between five and ten miles a day. We evolved to walk. Our ancestors got from Africa to Australia or to the southern tip of America on foot. Horses - the other way of not walking before the invention of trains, cars etc. which happend historically a short time ago - were only domesticated 5500 years ago. So walk as much as you feel like - it's primal!

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    Walking everyday is a great thing to do. And this whole chronic cardio thing is getting out of hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Palfrey View Post
    Walking everyday is a great thing to do. And this whole chronic cardio thing is getting out of hand.
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