hello...this is my first post, but have been a frequent visitor of MDA for the past few months, learning a lot about the paleo/primal way of life. I have tried this way of life for almost a month now...my aim is not to lose weight, but to be proactive in taking care of my health.

Here is some background info on me:
-i have thalassemia trait anemia
-my last dr visit showed pcos; hormones and cortisol were 'out of whack' per dr (i'm in my 30s)
-i have had seizures for a few years now (no one in my family has seizures); they tend to occur in my sleep. I do track my monthly cycle, and see a pattern of sorts, so i think hormones play a role, and maybe sugar levels drop?
-sometimes i get dizzy, and i take a glucose tablet which helps
-previous tests show low vit D (which i've taken script for in the past)

I will be visiting my family dr soon for a checkup. Any recommendations for tests to ask for?
Thanks in advance