Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are about to wrap up our third week of pretty strict primal/paleo diet.

I am definitely one of those people who is hungry right when I wake up and and love eating eggs so a typical primal breakfast is no problem to me. My issue is that I have pretty consistently been getting hungry each day right about 11am while my lunch break is at 12:30. I'd rather not consistently be relying on nuts for a snack (so easy to over do it) so my question is.. Do you tend to eat a larger breakfast and then stay full until lunch or do you have a snack (nuts, meat, veggies) before lunch?

My stats:
-25 year old female,130lbs, 5'5"
-Typical breakfast as of right now: 2 scrambled eggs or piece of paleo-quiche and a serving of fruit.
-Went Paleo to maintain weight and in the beginnings of more weight lifting geared work outs instead of cardio driven workouts.

Thanks in advance for your input!