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Thread: Hungry between breakfast and lunch

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    I'm not fat adapted yet. I wake up hungry, and get hungry after breakfast sooner than I'd like. If I eat 3 eggs and maybe like half a medium sweet potato (fried up like home fries), I'm usually good 3-4 hours. Definitely make sure you're eating enough. I'm a 5'7" 145 lb female and I find I need at least 3 eggs plus bacon/sweet potato. Then I try my darndest not to snack, just drink water and if hungry just eat lunch early. I now keep a couple of hard boiled eggs in the fridge at all times in case I get maniacal. I figure that an egg is better than a mindless run through a bag of nuts.
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    Swap the fruit for a burger patty with sauteed mushrooms. Two eggs is a very small breakfast and starting the day with fruit will keep me pretty hungry.
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    Try skipping breakfast, have some water and see if the first couple of hunger pangs you get pass quickly. You may then get to lunch more easily. It may or may not happen this way, try it and see.

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