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Thread: No changes... frustrating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnMa View Post
    Oh I would love to talk to that person!
    How much calories are we supposed to eat? I guess this is different for everyone. I noticed that since I don't eat grain, I eat much more meat than before, I didn't like it much before, but now I almost crave for meat sometimes hehe. But I crave for bacon or other cold meat, because they are very tasty. I know they are more transformed than the real meat I used in my meals. Can I still eat them? Like bacon, proscuitto... I take them at the butcher, they come from grass-fed animals.

    I already cut dairies, so I guess the last thing I need to do is cut more on sugar. I made some brownies thi weekend, with honey for the sugar, and this is sooooo good. So I guess, no more of that? Only some littles fruits like blueberries, not that often?

    I will keep on reading the articles and look for the book.

    If anyone find who is the poster you're talking about, let me know!!

    What else was in the brownies? Hopefully you used coconut or almond flour?

    It sounds to me like you aren't eating enough, especially if you're snacking all the time. Increase meal portions until hunger decreases. No need to count calories if you hate it, if you listen to your hunger. It may take you a while to replace missing nutrients once you're eating enough. The body does its repair work while you're sleeping, so be sure you are sleeping enough.

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    after i got off grains, i found myself craving meat which i never did before. it was weird for me, but totally great. there is such a thing as a reasonable portion though. i'm not tucking in to a 16 oz. steak every meal, ya know?

    watch out for paleo-friendly treats. they can be calorie bombs and if you keep eating that kind of stuff, you will keep craving sweets. low-carb fruits like blackberries and strawberries are better choices for now. even better is to have it with some fat, like yogurt or cream, so it's not straight sugar blasting through your system.

    and yeah, if you feel the need to snack, your meals should be bigger. more protein, more fat.
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    Today, I didn't feel hungry all the time ^^
    I even snacked a little bit just because it's a habit lol.

    It that brownie, there was almond butter, no flour used in it. BUT, I remember then, there was chocolate chips with bad sugar in it... So the brownie must go.

    I ordered the book!

    And yeah I realized I need to eat more at meals. I need 3 eggs in the morning instead of 2. All the meat I eat need, wow I would never have eaten that much before! I would eat like, not even half of a steak. Now, I like it and eat a lot more! With an egg on top, with avocado! And don't even feel full! (most of the time).

    Now I can't wait to read the book. While I wait for it, I read some article and success stories to keep me motivated

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