Hi all,

My first post on this forum, and I am sure it will get some negative feed back. A brief background, I am 41 years old and have been active my whole life. My hobby is running which I love, I run half marathons, marathons, and 50k's and many other races throughout the year. I grew up eating lots of bread, I love pretzels, and love carbs, everything that is not primal, but I do eat healthy. I do not have problems with cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and never been over weight. I know eating primal is a way of life, not a diet, I did read the primal blueprint book.

I have been following the primal protocol and it does makes sense, but I cheat, allot. I love pizza, will never give it up. And I especially love beer I do run allot and can't see myself totally depleting my carb intake to low measures. I guess my question is, is there anyone else out there that follows the primal diet but not 100%?