I am currently keeping the 90-day journal but have been needing a way to reflect on my thought process in a more detailed way. What I hope to accomplish with the help of this forum-journal: enhanced accountability for my food choices and getting myself to cognitively process more of my transformation.

A little bit of a bio:

I'm a 22-year-old graduate student in psychology, working predominantly from an evolutionary perspective. I have started my journey to Paleo/Primal in April 2011 but have had 2 falls (both longer than the time I actually spent eating Primal). No more. I love the effects of leading this lifestyle and understand that there is no going back to CW.

My biggest challenge right now is kicking my sugar addiction, which has developed into a monster since my early childhood.

I'm about 95% primal, being strict mostly because aside from dessert cravings I'm completely satisfied with my primal recipes. I do drink milk, coffee, and tea. However, I now make my own lattes because that's the only coffee I can have without sugar.

I have been eating primal since June 28th (90-day journal started July 20th). Weight pre-primal was 181.4. Weight this morning was 173. I had gone to a 172 last week but had a weekend of bad food decisions.

The plan for this blog: Give a brief overview of my food choices and then reflect on the day's accomplishment or realization.