I've never tested my Cholesterol, maybe one day, but I am looking into it for my partner and her mother whom both have had higher levels in the past.
I've looked at a variety of diet types and decided for a variety of reasons that Primal/Paleo is the best direction for overall health.
I am intrigued by the Cholesterol discussions, this is one of the critical health markers that are quoted in studies in support of the Paleo diet and Traditional Hunter Gatherer groups pass with flying colours, even on their LDL numbers.
Yet when we try to emulate their diet & behaviours there seems to be an overwhelming tendancy to high LDL, this is explained away as ok because it is type A, big and fluffy, and not causal in CHD as the oxidised small remnants are the ones that cause plaque. That's well and fine, but I am gathering information so that when I speak to their doctors I can educate them with supporting scientific data.
So why do we have higher LDL than traditional HG's?

Is it because:
*Systemic inflamation from years of SAD foods & lifestyle.
*High Omega 6 PUFA intake, prone to oxidation, which takes years to clear from our bodies.
*High calorific intakes continuously during day, not allowing repair time for body always preoccupied with digestion.
*Stress of modern life
*Any other ideas?

I know LDL is primarily sent out for body repair, so a high level seems to be indicative of damage somewhere in need of repair, where is it, what is it and how long before we get to the true HG cholesterol range?

Anyone out there who actually has good Cholesterol levels according to the standard measures?