Alright; I can eat veggies all day long, but my problem is that I'm counting calories simply to make sure I don't eat too many veggies. So that leaves me with proteins, which I have no issue with, and fats...mainly coconut oil, coconut milk (in smoothies) and a handful of nuts every day.

I feel like I'm getting into the paralysis by analysis mode with the nuts, because I keep reading about how too much will either stall weight loss or cause weight gain. Oh...and I hate cooking. I live off of egg whites, lean meats, fish, egg white protein powder and the good fats I mentioned above. However, I miss my veggies! This is my 4th week being primal - it looks like I've lost ~5lbs. Coming from an eating disordered background (anorexia athletica), I feel like this is at a snail’s pace...of course my perception is still a little skewed. I recall losing a lot of weight years ago without trying, simply by consuming a ton of fruits and vegetables…which confuses me a tad more.