I turned my wife on to primal about six months ago. She was diagnosed with celiac disease and was having thyroid issues about a year and a half ago. She was gluten free ever since she was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, but she was eating other grains and gluten free substitutes. She has always been a " healthy" eater, eating whole grains, lean proteins, low fat , fruits and veggies.

After I showed her this website six months ago she really started following primal 99%. The difference in her health was phenomenal. She lost weight, felt and looked better, and felt full, not hungry. She went to he endocrinologist yesterday. Her lipids went from good to phenomenal in his words. He backed her synthroid medication down, which i dont think they hardly ever do. Her vitamin levels were way up across the board. She said he was slack jawed looking at all of her results. He asked her what she was doing.

She told him that she was paleo/primal(one of the other doctors there had suggested the diet without really giving it a name). He asked her if she meant just gluten free. She told him no, that she was eating grass fed meat, pastured chicken, eggs, fruit, veggies, and of course, some bacon. She was no longer eating the gluten free fake foods.
I really noticed a huge difference in her when she gave up all the grains and refined carbs. It was really cool to hear my wife tell me about her doctor's level of interest and enthusiasm. Hopefully he will share her success with others.