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Thread: Paleo Fail

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    Paleo Fail

    Well, I tried! After 35 years as a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I really tried my best to ease into eating chicken and fish again. I saw the awesome results my husband had, he looks and feels terrific and has lost over 25 pounds. I simply couldn't deny the logic of a Paleo lifestyle.

    It's been 3 months since that first taste of chicken, and I've come back full-circle to the reason I became a vegetarian in the first place at 16 years of age:

    I simply do not like the taste, texture, smell, or anything about animal flesh. Nope, not even bacon!

    But, this certainly been a learning experience, and this is what I'm taking away from it:

    • I have cut WAY down on grains, to almost non-existence. I used to have pasta several times a week, now it might be once a month, if that. And it has to be worth it, as in home-made wonderful, not out of a box.
    • I have upped my yogurt consumption, eating full-fat without guilt!
    • I eat more veggies now than I did before! I relied too much on bread and pasta before.
    • I've begun having a whey shake several times a week as my protein "insurance."
    • I've ditched the long cardio sessions, and have started a body weight exercise program. At 51, I can do 15 on-my-toe pushups, but my goal is to do pullups too!
    • I'm going to stay away from the scale, and concentrate on being strong into my 60's, 70's and beyond. I really only have 7 vanity pounds to lose anyway; its conceivable I'll stay the same weight once I get more muscle on me.

    I really appreciate all the great advice I got here, and I still plan on sticking around because there's so much wisdom in these parts! Maybe I will gear up and try a bite of chicken some time in the future, but for right now I'll letting myself off the hook.
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