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Thread: what is a good brand of rum?

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    Ron Rio is alright for drink mixing and pretty cheap.
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    I love the kracken

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    I'm a huge fan of Ron Zacapa 23 year Solera Reserve. It's a blend of rums up to 23 years. It's from Guatemala and it's delicious. Don't waste it in recipes and stuff though. This is the "sippin' whisky" of rums.
    If you're looking for the sippin' whisky of rums, you should probably just go with sippin whisky. You may be a hillbilly, Rich and not even know it...

    Seriously - I've never really got into rum, but think I'd like to give it a go sometime. I just hate the idea of ordering something like Captain Morgan, since the ads make it seem like a kid's drink.

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    If you can find Sailor Jerry, I love that rum. And it is more bang for your buck, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nopie View Post
    I love the kracken
    Where spiced rums are concerned I like Kracken as well.. As does my husband.
    Last time he was out and we stopped to get a bottle he got a 1.75liter!
    And he is seriously not a drinker.
    That bottle is going to last him forever. LOL

    I think with the spice notes Kracken would make a beautiful Rum Raisin icecream...
    OP wanted non-flavored though, and I included 'spiced' with 'flavored'... so I suggested the Goslings.
    You should give it a try if you like the really dark rums.
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    I use Morgans spiced rum to create my own vanilla flavor flavor taste exstract.

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