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    The Plank - Numbness/Tingling in legs

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    I have been working through Primal Blueprint Fitness and I'm having some issues with my legs starting to tingle while doing the regular forearm/toes plank. I typically do the PBF routine in order: pull-ups, push-ups, squats and then planks last. When I'm on my side, I have no issues with numbness or tingling, only when my front is facing the ground.

    Any idea what might cause this? I'm able to hold the plank for the full 1:30, but right around the 1:00 mark, the tingling begins, usually starting in my quads and moving into my feet as well.


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    Plank is a fucking useless exercise that has no practical carry-over to anything you do in your day-to-day. That's my 2 cents.

    If you want to work your abs or whatever you should squat with heavy things.

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    either a nerve is getting constricted, or a blood vessel is
    yeah you are

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