Awesome day here in the Blue Ridge, just wanted to introduce myself to you folks. The call me "preacher" the name is two fold, first its what I do, I'm a pastor and second it's the name of the lead character in a series of books which I enjoy written about a mountain man. Loving living in the outdoors as I do it seemed fitting. My wife and I are a "primal b" couple we came onboard after she was researching ways for her to curb her blood sugar issues and help me control MS. We have been "primal" now for about a month and her blood sugars have gone to normal and I have had no issues with the MS even in the extreme heat this summer. We hike weekly and I love being able to be back in nature. Prior to choosing to become a "primal couple" we both had lost significant weight between 2006 and JUne 2012 she lost 132 and I lost 102. However we didn't feel well. Just goes to show you that weight loss in itself doesn't mean you feel good. We were'nt healthier, just lighter. Since going primal we feel awesome. I love it, primal has helped me stablize my weight and helped me build endurance, stamina and a holistic self awareness. My wife still is having some carb effects, her weight isn't coming off as fast as she would like (she wants to drop another 20lbs), but it will.