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Thread: Total Cholesterol spike within 2 months of going Primal?

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    Just received my blood work back after two months primal. Numbers are as follows:

    Preprimal Primal
    Total Chol. 259. 229
    Triglycerides. 477. 110
    HDL. 33. 46
    LDL. ? 161
    A1c. 7.1. 6.1
    Weight. 253lbs. 232
    Blood Press. 155/90. 128/80 no lisinopril
    All cholesterol ratios look good and only getting better ......

    I'm pretty pumped about the results and only after 2 months and NO more jogging thank Christ. I was also on lisinopril for blood pressure and metformin for type 2. Fasting glucose off meds 170.... On metformin 135..... Primal no meds down to 95 last Friday. A1c of 6.1 = 128 three month average......remember only primal for two months. Here's to enjoying the ride. Good luck and stay the course!

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    As others said, it's all ratios. There's a great "cholesterol primer" somewhere on here that breaks down the ratios very well.

    On the SAD, I typically was around total 180 every time I donated blood (they test cholesterol and send you the results). After 3 months primal, I was 252 total, and was very shocked. But then I read all the info on this site and elsewhere and that calmed my worries. Another good point made is that as we are losing fat, there's a ton of cholesterol released into our blood streams.

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