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Thread: Anybody know anything about plant stanols?

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    Anybody know anything about plant stanols?

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    Got some bloodwork back and all 3 of the sterol absorption markers (campesterol, siterol, and cholestanol) were in the "code red" hyper range. The campesterol ratio was in optimal range, the other 2 ratios were in the bad range though. My desmosterol & the ratio were optimal. Any enough geeking out... the literature that came with the lab work suggested that with my results I should take a statin (um, no) in combination with Zetia (um, no) or plant stanols. When I try to look up plant stanols I get sterol/stanol combos (um, no) or Benecol (um, no).

    Anybody know anything about how to score isolated plant stanols? I searched this topic on MDA and didn't find anything and cruised the usual suspects, Chris Kresser & Chris Masterjohn as well. Couldn't find anything.

    I have some other lipoprotein issues that a health coach thinks might be a direct result of these sterol issues. I am ready to experiment but need some guidance.

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