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Thread: Getting off this roller coaster from hell. Primal Journal of Steve Mull

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    Finally getting off this roller coaster. Journal of Steve Mull

    Hello everyone,

    I guess I'll start this journal with a short history about myself. I was a fairly active child growing up and was involved in many sports. I played soccer for 9 years, did Taw Kwon Do for about 3, and participated in wrestling and tennis for a season or two. I always played outside in the yard or woods and really played too many video games like most kids these days. Mostly because I only had original nintendo til I was 18-19 when other kids had Playstation.

    Despite all this activity I was always still an overweight child. I was very tall, almost 6 feet in 5th-6th grade, which helped with my appearance up until I stopped growing upwards and started growing more outwards. By the time I graduated High school I was right around 6'1" 240lbs. We had eaten fast food occasionally and was usually only once or twice a week at most. Every other night was a good home cooked meal focused on meat and salad or other vegetables. Dessert was also a rare treat. So as you can see my diet was not perfect, but it wasn't too bad either. My main vice, and I blame my father for this, was portions. As early as I can remember, probably 5-6 yrs old, my parents would serve me my dinner plate with about as much food as my father had. I then wouldn't be allowed to leave the table til I cleared my plate. These early overeating habits helped develop some nasty binge eating down the road. For example, I remember once when I was a teenager, my mother had purchased a box of little debbie star crunch's. She was so furious with me because I had finished off the entire box a day and a half later.

    Fast forward to about a year after graduation, I was working at home depot on the night crew stocking shelves. When I first started I was roughly 230 lbs or so. Now, I don't know if any of you had done this job, but it is quite a work out. My night would consist of stocking washer/dryers, then counter tops, then rebar and lolley columns etc... They always gave me the heavy stuff since I was the "big guy". This was also my first 3rd shift job and the different hours were taking a toll on my diet. I wasn't hungry when I was at work, and all I did at home was sleep. It was at this time I also discovered Xenadrine back when it still had Ephedrine in it. Oh my that stuff was great lol. With this deadly combination of lifting heavy for 8-10 hrs a night, barely eating, and taking ephedrine, I managed to drop about 30 lbs in just over a month. Needless to say I was thrilled. However If I could go back in time I would slap my self silly but that's beside the point.

    Fast forward to 2009. Leading up to now I had gone between 200-230 at least a half dozen times. Tried new diets, workouts and everything under the sun. I was now right around 235lbs and enlisting into the active duty Army. I shipped off to basic training in May 2009. I finished my basic and secondary training on Sep 06 2009. At that point in time I weighed in at a measly 197. Quite honestly the skinniest I've ever been. Unfortunately, this loss was attributed to much the same as my home depot success. We exercised first thing every morning, then worked the rest of the day moving heavy things, getting smoked for being dumb privates, and barely had enough calories to cover a non active persons daily requirements. All this in the Georgia heat from may-sept.

    Effective as it may be, it was not sustainable. Once I arrived to my unit, the morning exercise was way easier then what I was used to, and since we were about to deploy there wasn't much work to do so we all just sat around and stared at each other til it was time to go home. Then once friday night hit, it was pretty much non stop alcohol until sunday evening. Within a month of being there I went from 197-208ish, my 2 mile run went from 15:00 to 16:30 (almost bare minimum :/ ).

    Now came deployment. At this time I managed to make really good friends with two guys that were totally focused on going to the gym every possible moment. We would go pretty much every night for an avg time of 2hrs sometimes almost 3. We followed the latest body building routines we could find in magazines, mainly because we didn't know any better. We all took a ton of suppliments and protein shakes. About 6 months in I had managed to weigh about 200lbs but had also put on some decent muscle mass as well.

    Then I came home for my 2 week R&R leave. I ate everything under the sun. Lobster, pasta, cheesecake. In those 2 weeks of bliss I plumped back up to almost 215lbs. When I returned to afghanistan people could tell I had a good time just by looking at me. From that point on I struggled with eating well and working out. Mainly from being on mission constantly and having to live off of MRE's and rip it's. Around the last month of deployment things slowed down and I had time to myself and ended up discovering the primal blueprint. I downloaded the kindle version to my laptop and began to read. It all made so much sense it was too easy. The thing that especially sold me on PB was the fact that although diet is a major factor, it wasn't the sole focus. The 10 primal laws covered pretty much every aspect of life and I found that made the difference between a short term "diet" and a sustainable "lifestyle change".

    So in my last month I started following the PB as best I could being in AFG. I ate most of my meals at the asian difac and would eat lots of curried meats and rice. Drank only water, and skipped dessert. I whiddled my way back down to 195 right before we came home. Upon returning home I was living in my own apartment instead of the barracks on base and was cooking all my own meals. I would make nice big fat rib eye and salad with fresh veggies. Felt like I was eating like a king.

    Then my next obstacle hit me. My wife moved from CT to KS where I was stationed. Within a month of being there she became pregnant and it was all down hill for me. Her cravings for Ice Cream and brownies and fast food made it pretty near impossible for me to resist. I managed for awhile to avoid temptation, but with that much of it all around me it was an inevitable fail. I abandoned PB and went back to my old SAD ways.

    A few months after the baby was born I was determined to get back on track. I even convinced my wife to try it for 30 days. We both were walking at night, and eating mostly Primal and had some good success. But towards the end of the 30 days she began eating cereal and that started our downward spiral together. She ended up moving back home about a month before I was to out process from the Army so I was alone for the last 30 days or so. Now this should've been a good thing. With no temptation from my wife I should have gotten back on track easily. But alas, this was not so. Mostly due to the insatiable invention of the Dorito Taco. I mean cmon. Really??? How can I say no to that. So Anyways the last month in the army I completely lived off of fast food and little to no exercise. So its no wonder when I came back home to CT I weighed in around 225-230.

    Now today I have been Primal for about 2.5 weeks, I am down 5-6 lbs, feeling great energy and I'm not taking any crap or making excuses for nothing. If it's not primal I'm not touching it. So In closing this roller coaster is only going down hill from now on til it levels out and stays there and that's that.

    Stay tuned
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