I need some advice from my primal peers. This has been a great deal of stress for me and I have cried many tears over this and I don't know who to turn to so thank you in advance for taking the time to read and give any advice you might have.

I have a Bachelor's degree in nutrition and it's going to cost me $130,000 once I pay it off in 30 or so years. It means nothing... I can't get a job in the field without being a Registered Dietitian and even if I could it wouldn't be a primal job, right?

I've been thinking hard about getting my Master's and becoming a Registered Dietitian. It would mean more debt, but at this point so what...at least it would mean something. I could get a job... maybe something in sports nutrition where it would be along the lines of primal... high in protein, moderate healthy fats, I could promote sweet potatoes and white right instead of whole grains. Anyways, somehow I might be able to help make a difference in the field by promoting this way of eating. I could have my own practice someday and have the credentials to promote this way of eating.

The problem is that it's a full-time program and then a full-time internship and I am a single girl in my late thirties with lots of bills and debt and have to work full time... no choice for me. I also need to find a job that pays me more than what I am making now.

So, the other thing I am looking at is Bauman College. The reason I am considering it is because of Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites (Balanced Bites | Holistic & Paleo Nutrition Education | Paleo Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Nutrition, Food Allergy, Allergies, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, IBS, IBD) went to this college and she seems to be very successful.
Bauman College - Nutrition Consultant | programs.

What would you do or what you would advise your family member to do?

Thanks for reading!