Ok so I know this may be repeating a thread somewhere down the road but I haven't seen the exact same thing so perhaps you can still help me out.

So background: I've been doing Crossfit for almost 3 years now, and have gone from very unhealthy skinny to fit and healthier. I have chronic health issues, no idea where they're from and of course doctors are no help... stomach issues too, but they're not the point of my thread.

My question is this: I just started my first day on primal (I've tried before and did not succeed, I love my gluten-free cereal once a day) and trying to get in the 50-100g of carbs zone. This is shaky ground for me since I've had an eating disorder since I was 16 but I am stable now at approximately 126 lbs (at 5'5" and I'm 28). Lately I have noticed that my weight is very sneakily climbing up despite working out 3-4 times a week (and we don't just do mainsite-like workouts, we also do crossfit football drills and various modifications on the crossfit model). So I want to see what I can get from this diet if I really try.

I'm really struggling though, because despite the fact that I already was eating pretty clean (no grains except rice once a week or so, cheat days are usually sat-sun and I rarely have anything worse than a cone of gelato, I ate cereal once a day otherwise no carby things, fruit in moderation 1-3 times a day and veggies), even with trying to limit carbs I ended up with almost 90g today!

It's discouraging because all I had for carbs was a protein shake with coconut milk, half a banana and almond butter (and whey protein), 2 small pieces of chocolate (cheat!), 1/2 c. of raspberries and a kids' yogurt cup (tiny). The rest came from nuts, cucumbers, etc. Otherwise it was protein and fats (chicken, avocado).

How do people do this?!

I know Mark says count total carbs... if it were net carbs it would be easier but it's not so I'm not sure how you can do it. Does it get easier? I would get that it's hard after eating junk all the time but I wasn't! I had barely any added sugar other than yogurts and a couple of pieces of chocolate and it should not be that much of a torture going totally primal (or 90% considering the chocolate...).

Please help!

And thanks for reading my rant, if you did!