I think if I LOOK at another salad, I'm going to just crawl up into a ball.

yesterday I ate only protien... and some fruit.. after my morning smoothie.

I can't seem to get on the wagon with enough veggies. My morning smoothie these days has been the only place where I can squeeze in veggies. I have been adding spinach/pepper/cucumber/celery/banana/pear and/or berries. It usually is about 24 ounces or a little more.

This is tough, especially in the afternoon - when I'm crawling the walls with hunger, and want so badly to eat whatever is in the vending machine. I do admit to falling off the wagon several times because of this.

I know we're supposed to load up on veggies, but there are days when I can't seem to look at them unless they're in a smoothie.

Help!? Is this temporary?

I've been off/on primal for several months now - and I am not at all even close to being a fat burner yet.

I have horrid horrid horrid cravings, and am intensely hungry while on Primal, I am not sure how to deal with that either.