Committed to Primal now since the middle of July. Since I am so out of shape, I have been focusing on dealing with poor sleep and work stress; hauling groceries has been my exercise.

Changing my diet has really helped. I have apparently been fat-deprived for years. I feel as if my brain is really starting to work right after years of brain fog.

Sleep and stress seem to be less and less trouble as time goes on. Now I want to start focusing more on physical activity.

What can I do at 235 pounds (with symptoms of Marfan Syndrome and with sleep apnea and a CPAP) that will help me to reorganize my unbalanced body around its center of gravity (wherever that is) and strengthen muscles in a useful but NOT intense way?

I have already learned a lot from Esther Gokhale and Moshe Feldenkrais. And sleeping on the floor has helped a lot as well. But after years of living in a stupor, my attempts to be physically active so far have made it clear that I have bad posture and poor balance. And I have--despite lots of running in childhood--apparently forgotten how to run, how to lift my legs, how my feet should meet the ground . . .

Before I commit to Real Exercise, I need to re-learn balance and stability. Not sure how to do that, though.